Experience the future of energy with us. From our Solar Hybrid Solutions to Solar Freezers, Generators, and Home Systems, we redefine how you power your life. Our products empower homes, reduce bills, and contribute to a greener planet with our innovative Solar Hybrid Solutions. Enjoy efficient refrigeration with our off-grid Solar Freezers. Unlock portableand mobile power for adventures with our Solar Generators. we address energy access and energy poverty with our Solar Home Systems. Flexible payment plans available. Embrace clean, renewable and afordable energy with GreenPower

Solar Hybrid Systems

Solar Hybrid Solutions

Experience uninterrupted power, cost savings, and environmental responsibility with our Solar Hybrid Solutions. We offer unmatched quality products and premium components, ensuring top-tier performance and longevity. Our experienced technical team ensures comprehensive support beyond products, we offer solutions and expert guide for a seamless energy journey. Our Solar Hybrid Solutions empower homes and businesses, providing reliable power during outages and reducing reliance on traditional sources.
Solar Freezer Sunfrez

Solar Freezer

Discover SunFrez Solar Freezers: Quality & Expertise Experience top-tier refrigeration at GreenPower with SunFrez Solar Freezers. Our cutting-edge range delivers unmatched cooling efficiency. Backed by our technical team's experience, our freezers ensure reliable performance. With flexible financing, owning a SunFrez Solar Freezer is attainable. Join the cooling revolution at GreenPower for quality, expertise, and sustainability.
Solar Generators

Solar Generators

Energy Where You Need It. Experience mobile energy freedom with our Solar Generators. Designed for those on the move, our generators offer mobility and portability without sacrificing quality. Unleash Mobility: Power your life anywhere, no outlets needed. Portability & Quality: Lightweight and reliable, perfect for adventures and emergencies. Flexible Financing: Affordable installment plans make sustainable energy accessible. GP Solar Generators for convenient energy on the GO.
Solar Home Systems

Solar Home Systems

GreenPower PayGo Solar Home Systems: Revolutionizing off-grid living. Our innovative range provides reliable, sustainable energy for homes without traditional power access. Experience independence with solar-powered lighting, fan, TV and device charging, freeing households from kerosene hazards. Our flexible PayGo model ensures affordable access through convenient payment plans, while our reliable design guarantees lasting performance. Join us as we empower off-grid households toward a brighter, greener future.
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Happy Clients

Customer Testimonials

At GreenPower, we thrive on your valuable feedback. Your insights guide us in refining and optimizing our services to ensure we serve you better and smarter. Together, let's shape a more efficient and sustainable energy future. Share your thoughts today and be a part of the GreenPower journey towards a greener tomorrow. Your feedback matters!

Ms Tobi Otusanya Regional Marketing Manager, Chivita Company

What struck me was GreenPower's professionalism. A friend recommended them after getting a GP 3000PV. Though I asked for the same, their consultation led them to suggest GP 1500PV. Surprisingly, this smaller system has served me impeccably. For 6 months, my generator remained untouched. Kudos to the GP team for their wise advice and exceptional service. Thank you saving me some cash

Chika Uche Thriving Restaurant Owner: - Lagos

Running a bustling restaurant, escalating fuel prices cut into my profits and spoilage woes hit hard. After researching online, I invested in SunFrez SF250 L. The financing option was a clear choice, and a 24-month warranty sealed the deal. Now, my restaurant thrives, customers are content, and savings grow. GreenPower's solution rescued my business.

Yakubu Bayero , Homeowner- Abuja -

"GreenPower Solar Hybrid Solutions have been a game-changer for my family. With the insane fuel price hikes, our expenses were spiraling out of control. But ever since we installed the GP 5000PV-X model, our worries have been gone. The flexible payment plan made it easy to afford, and the 12-month warranty adds to our peace of mind. Our energy bills have plummeted, and our home is always powered, rain or shine. GreenPower truly delivers quality, reliability, and savings

Grace Okonkwo Principal, Olivers Group of Schools, Abuja

The elimination of the petrol subsidy had a profound impact on my school's operational costs. More than 40% of our revenue was dedicated to fueling the generator, a significant portion being allocated for night-time usage in the boarding school. However, since adopting the GP10000PV solution, a remarkable transformation has taken place. The burden has lifted, and peace of mind prevails. The decision to partner with GreenPower has proven to be resoundingly correct.

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