• MBox


    Your Ultimate All-in-One Power and Entertainment Solution: Discover the pinnacle of convenience and versatility with the Mbox  Designed to enhance your outdoor experiences, tackle emergencies, and keep you entertained, this comprehensive package redefines what’s possible in portable solutions. The system includes an 80W 18V Poly Crystalline solar panel, complete with a 5-meter cable, effortlessly captures solar energy, ensuring continuous power for your devices and equipment, even in remote settings. With the 12.8V 24Ah LiFePO4 battery, It’s engineered for long-lasting performance, providing reliable power whenever you need it.


  • MBox+


    The Ultimate All-in-One Off-Grid Home Solution: Experience the ultimate in convenience and versatility with the Mbox+. Designed for an utterly off-grid home, this all-inclusive package sets a new standard for Rural Home solutions. buddling the Mbox with the 65L Surechill Fridge. The Mbox+ comes with the solar direct drive Surechill fridge, enhancing cold storage needs for rural homes or businesses. Harnessing the power of a 200W 18V Poly Crystalline solar panel, complete with a 10-meter cable, you can effortlessly capture solar energy, ensuring a continuous power supply for lighting, Television Fan, Radio, and now the 65Litres Sunchill fridge.


  • SunFrez SF 144L


    Experience the pinnacle of cooling innovation with the SunFrez SF 144L Chest Freezer. Crafted to redefine excellence, it caters to your cooling needs with unprecedented precision, revolutionizing your food preservation experience. The SF 144L Chest Freezer boasts a 144-litre capacity and is designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency. It features Fast Freeze technology to rapidly chill, keeping food at its freshest Experience the future of cooling and save money with SunFrez!


  • SunFrez SF 198L


    you are introducing the SunFrez SF 198L Chest Freezer, where cooling is redefined to an unmatched efficiency level. Crafted for excellence, this appliance epitomizes innovation, catering to your cooling needs with extraordinary precision, with specifications encompassing a chest design, silver hue, and a 198-litre capacity, The SF 198L stands as the ultimate fusion of convenience and efficiency. Equipped with features such as Fast Freeze, Power Indicator, and a versatile voltage range of 110-280VAC, it ensures your cooling experience is both rapid and reliable. Experience the future of cooling and save money with SunFrez!


  • SunFrez SF 250L


    The SunFrez SF 250L Chest Freezer is not merely an appliance; it’s a commitment to elevating your cooling lifestyle. Embracing eco-friendliness, the SF 250L is Solar-Ready with a remarkable PV capacity of  960Wp, making it a sustainable choice. Stay connected and informed with the GPRS/4G Real-Time IoT Monitoring system, ensuring you are in control of your cooling from anywhere. Save Money with SunFrez!