GreenPower’s Pay as You Go Solar Home Systems are transforming energy access, combating energy poverty in off-grid areas. With reliable performance, easy setup, and various advantages, they drive sustainable development, enhancing lives globally. Battery life up to 12 hours meets day-night needs, replacing costly petrolgenerators. Models like Mbox, Mbox+, Apollo, YelloBox, and YelloBox+ offer essential energy access. YelloBox+ with 20W solar panel aids demanding needs. Apollo’s 50W panel powers multiple devices, Mbox’s 4-hour battery sustains night use, and YelloBox offers basic lighting. These systems boost education, business, healthcare, and overall well-being. The transformative benefits of Pay as You Go Solar Home Systems are profound.

  • Apollo TV/Fan


    Off Grid Entertainment and Cooling Solution.: Elevate your outdoor experiences and stay prepared for any situation with the Apollo TV / Fan. This comprehensive package is designed to provide entertainment, power, and connectivity, whether you’re camping, facing power outages, or simply enjoying time outdoors. The included 50W Poly Crystalline solar panel, with a 5-meter cable, efficiently captures solar energy to keep your devices and TV or Fan powered, even in remote locations


  • MBox


    Your Ultimate All-in-One Power and Entertainment Solution: Discover the pinnacle of convenience and versatility with the Mbox  Designed to enhance your outdoor experiences, tackle emergencies, and keep you entertained, this comprehensive package redefines what’s possible in portable solutions. The system includes an 80W 18V Poly Crystalline solar panel, complete with a 5-meter cable, effortlessly captures solar energy, ensuring continuous power for your devices and equipment, even in remote settings. With the 12.8V 24Ah LiFePO4 battery, It’s engineered for long-lasting performance, providing reliable power whenever you need it.


  • MBox+


    The Ultimate All-in-One Off-Grid Home Solution: Experience the ultimate in convenience and versatility with the Mbox+. Designed for an utterly off-grid home, this all-inclusive package sets a new standard for Rural Home solutions. buddling the Mbox with the 65L Surechill Fridge. The Mbox+ comes with the solar direct drive Surechill fridge, enhancing cold storage needs for rural homes or businesses. Harnessing the power of a 200W 18V Poly Crystalline solar panel, complete with a 10-meter cable, you can effortlessly capture solar energy, ensuring a continuous power supply for lighting, Television Fan, Radio, and now the 65Litres Sunchill fridge.


  • YelloBox


    Introducing the 1×6.4V/12000mAh Power Box with a 15W Poly Crystalline Solar Panel, three 3W LED bulbs, and a 5-in-1 mobile phone charger cable. This solar product is a game-changer, providing portable and reliable power on the go. The Power Box’s 12000mAh battery stores energy from the sun through the solar panel, ensuring continuous power day or night.


  • YelloBox+


    Your Ultimate Portable Power and Lighting Companion: Be prepared for any situation with the YelloBox+ an all-in-one solution designed to bring power, light, and connectivity wherever you go. This compact yet powerful kit includes essential components to keep you illuminated, connected, and informed, whether camping outdoors or facing unexpected power outages. At its core is the robust Power Box, boasting a high-capacity 12000mAh rechargeable battery. This powerhouse stores energy efficiently, ready to power up your devices when needed. Charging is a breeze with the included 15W Poly Crystalline Solar Panel, harnessing the sun’s energy to replenish the Power Box and keep you charged even in remote locations.