GreenPower’s solar generators are the perfect solution for those in need of a compact, reliable, and quick on the spot electricity. These all-in-one generators are designed for easy installation and mobility, making them ideal for camping trips, outdoor adventures, and power outages. Equipped with built-in inverters, batteries, and charge controller. they convert the generated DC power from the sunlight into AC power for regular appliances. With power outputs ranging from 300W to 2000W, there is a generator suitable for every need. Not only do these generators provide reliable power, but they also contribute to a greener planet by harnessing the power of the sun. With battery capacities that ensure consistent power supply and durable construction designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, GreenPower’s solar generators are a sustainable, quiet, and clean alternative to traditional fossil fuel generators. Whether for camping or backup power, GreenPower has the solution.

  • GP 1000SG


    The GP 1000SG Solar Generator offers a 1000VA output power, enabling simultaneous device use without compromising performance. Its compact design ensures portability and easy setup for on-the-go power solutions. The generator features effective communication interfaces, seamless device integration, and a comprehensive monitoring system for efficient power management. With a substantial 2400Wh battery capacity and 800Wp solar PV capacity, it guarantees reliable and sustainable power

    ”Up to 6 Months, Instalment Payment Financing Option is Available: @ N123,000 Monthly.”

  • GP 2000SG


    Introducing the GP 2000SG solar generator: a versatile powerhouse with a 2000VA output, handling devices from small electronics to power-hungry appliances effortlessly. Resilient against all conditions, it offers uninterrupted power and adapts to any electrical system. The GP 2000SG features a 12V battery and substantial 2400Wh capacity, paired with a 1200Wp solar PV capability for consistent, clean energy.

    ”Up to 6 Months, Instalment Payment Financing Option is Available: @ N198,000 Monthly.”

  • GP 300SG


    The Solar Generator model GP 300 SG is a versatile off-grid all-in-one power solution. It operates with an input voltage range of 110-280VAC, ensuring compatibility with various power sources. The generator offers a user-friendly interface, advanced monitoring, and a strong battery. Its 12V battery delivers stable power, and its 50/60Hz frequency suits a wide range of devices. The 480Wh battery capacity supports extended use, and the 230VAC nominal input voltage allows easy device connection without a converter. With 200Wp solar PV capacity, the battery can be recharged using solar energy

    ”Up to 6 Months, Instalment Payment Financing Option is Available: @ N52,000 Monthly.”

  • GP 600SG


    The GP 600SG solar generator is a robust solution with a 600VA nominal output power, suitable for a wide range of devices. It excels in various environments, ensuring a consistent power supply regardless of conditions. The generator adapts seamlessly to different electrical systems. It features a 12V battery with a massive 1200Wh capacity, supported by a 400Wp solar PV capacity, ensuring long-lasting power and harnessing solar energy.

    ”Up to 6 Months, Instalment Payment Financing Option is Available: @ N89,000 Monthly.”

  • LUXO 1000


    Elevate your energy independence with the LUXO 1000 Solar Generator. This powerful system boasts 4x180W Monocrystalline Solar Modules, harnessing the sun’s energy for your needs. The 1000W inverter guarantees ample power for your appliances, while the MPPT 20A Solar Charger optimizes efficiency. With a substantial 1200WH battery, your devices stay charged.


  • LUXO 2000


    Introducing the LUXO 2000 Solar Generator – Your Gateway to Portable Power Freedom! This cutting-edge system boasts 6x180W Monocrystalline Solar Modules, a robust 2000W inverter, and an MPPT 30A solar charger. With a 2260WH battery, you’ll have reliable energy on the go. Charge your devices with the 12VDC×2 / 5VDC×2 outputs and power appliances with the 220VAC output. LUXO 2000: Your portable powerhouse for a sustainable future.


  • LUXO 500


    Elevate your power options with the LUXO 500 Solar Generator. This compact yet powerful generator includes 2x180W Mono Crystalline Solar Modules, a 500W inverter, and an MPPT 20A Solar Charger. With a 600WH battery, it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • MBox+


    The Ultimate All-in-One Off-Grid Home Solution: Experience the ultimate in convenience and versatility with the Mbox+. Designed for an utterly off-grid home, this all-inclusive package sets a new standard for Rural Home solutions. buddling the Mbox with the 65L Surechill Fridge. The Mbox+ comes with the solar direct drive Surechill fridge, enhancing cold storage needs for rural homes or businesses. Harnessing the power of a 200W 18V Poly Crystalline solar panel, complete with a 10-meter cable, you can effortlessly capture solar energy, ensuring a continuous power supply for lighting, Television Fan, Radio, and now the 65Litres Sunchill fridge.


  • SankoPower 600


    Introducing the Sanko Power Solar Generator: 2x180W Mono Panels, 600W Inverter, 691WH Battery. Effortlessly harness solar energy with MPPT 20A charger. Versatile outputs: 12VDC×2, 5VDC×2, and 220VAC for your power needs. Compact, green, and powerful. Your portable energy solution.